If the footballer’s principal aim is time efficiency and image building, the agency’s references are often decisive. This concerns non-financial actions which chiefly require creativity. The existing references can already provide a clear insight which means personal feeling (and price) will be the determining factor.

However, if the financial aspect also plays a key role, the choice is more difficult. In this case the required competencies are totally different. Creativity and day-to-day follow-up are no longer sufficient. Using a communication and business plan, based on data and statistics, an agency should be able to assess the impact of a commercial deal. To measure is to know.

And this offers opportunities in this explosively growing market. As long as these agencies are unable to describe or measure a player’s digital value, you are in the dark. An increase in value cannot be assessed if there is no benchmark. The communication and business plan must allow social media agencies to compare and optimise commercial deals.

In addition, the financial aspect is only relevant for a player when the player is at the level of the national team or is a top player in one of the big competitions. Players not at this level should downsize their expectations in terms of financial or commercial added value.

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