Here are the top 5 recommendations after carrying out the asset scan for footballers:

  • Try to renegotiate the loans as the interest rates for loans are (far) too high;
  • Try to obtain (signed) copies of all contracts as you claim to have certain assets but you do not have the underlying contracts in your possession;
  • Try to re-invest part of your current investment portfolio in other products as the actual investments and investment products are not sufficiently transparent/clear, and the related costs are excessive;
  • Try to renegotiate the loan as the term and repayment for real estate financing is too risky and not in line with the individual requirements of the footballer;
  • Contact a specialised and reliable insurance broker as some risks are underinsured, while other risks have double or triple insurance.

In our book The Bankrupt Footballer – 50 guidelines to take control over the business side of your football career, we explain in further detail the insurance situation of a professional football player.

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