In principle you can always terminate contracts. But…if you terminate contracts prematurely without the consent of the other party it can well be that you risk to be sued for breach of contract and need to pay compensation.

It will, however, depend on the circumstances (such as the applicable law) and the provisions of the labour contract. Under FIFA Regulations players in principle risk sanctions (sports and financial) in case they unilaterally terminate a labour contract. Therefore players would need to be very careful while doing so. Moreover, the club who signs a player that has terminated his contract may also risk sports and financial sanctions.

We therefore advise first of all not to terminate any labour contracts without the explicit written consent of the club. If you do not have such written consent, it would be wise to hire a local lawyer to assist you with the termination.

In 2013 we have done an extensive research on the unilateral termination of labour contracts with special attention to the Belgian case.

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