The nightmare of all football players – being injured. This not only means that the player cannot train or play games anymore. Another consequence may be that the player risks losing his earning capacity as a football player.

Each country has its different system to protect the player against wage loss in case of an injury. In the UK Premier League for example the club shall pay the player his basic salary during a period of 18 months in case of an injury sustained under club duty. In Belgium this would only be a period of 6 months.

Only a few football players are aware of the financial consequences of a severe injury. To cover the risk of longer injuries, it could be useful to have an insurance covering the risk of a permanent or temporary injury. There are only a few good insurance brokers in the market as incapacity insurances for football players are niche insurance products. In the past we have seen false insurance copies for players so our advice is to only work with reliable and well-known insurance companies and insurance brokers.

For a more in depth analysis of 2015, please see the following link:

Cfr Player salaries whilst injured: situation across Europe

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