Tailored insights

Our different services are tailored around the professional football player. We negotiate and coordinate on your behalf with clubs, sponsors, accountants, lawyers, … . Develop the correct strategy in every field that fits your needs. And consult with you every step of the way. Our mission is to provide you with the insights so you can make informed decisions on your career and financial future.

Football world

As your agent, we learn you the ins and outs of the football world. Advise you on how to work with clubs and other agents. So you can protect yourself from a bad deal and stay in control of your own career.

Legal & administration

Everything you need to know about contracts and disputes. We act as your first line of defense and help, from legal to administrative procedures.


Image rights and social media are a big thing. Sponsor deals even bigger. We make sure your rights are well protected and follow-up your ‘brand’.


There’s always the risk of getting tackled on and off the football pitch. We’ve got your back and help secure your financial future.

Financial security

Ever thought about life after football? Think about a pension plan, real estate and smart investments. Stirr Associates sets it all up for you.


Often overlooked, but the right fiscal advice can help you avoid problems afterwards. Things you ought to get right. We get you on track.

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