Stirr Associates live on the Dutch channel of FC Afkicken

Stijn Francis was a guest of the "deadline day" show of FC Afkicken. FC Afkicken organized a 4 hour show during the last minutes of the transfer window. Main topic of discussion were the most eye catching transfers of deadline day. You can find the full live show...

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What is a football’s agent “normal” commission?

In general agents earn commissions in respect of the salary of a football player and also in respect of the transfer fee paid to the player. Some agents also receive commissions for any commercial deal their clients enter into. Normal commissions on the...

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How does a football agent earn money?

First of all, the player’s agent will earn a percentage of the player’s gross income with the club. Furthermore, the agent also often gets a percentage of the transfer fee that is being paid in order to transfer the player. This means that if the player is...

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